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Hello, Yuletider! This is my first time at this rodeo and I am very excited both to write and to see what others write.

My name on AO3 is also Kivrin.

I will be so very happy to see fic in any of the fandoms I've requested. I've babbled a good deal here about what I love about each, and listed some prompts, but please don't feel limited by those if there's something else in the fandom that you're drawn to write.  You'll see there are a disproportionate number of prompts for Foyle's War - that's because I requested Any character there and so wanted to be sure to have prompts for characters individually as well as in combination, not because the other canons are of less interest to me!

What I like best: I love stories that fit into the interstices of canon - aftermaths of canon events, elaborations of references to past events, backstories, explorations of what-was-happening-back-at-the-ranch-while-[insert other action], and things like that. I love found families and deep friendships, so in romantic stories I particularly like it when the romantic partners' other relationships (friendly or familial) also play a role. Hurt/comfort, particularly with both physical and emotional elements, and with stoic or older characters needing to accept aid from others, is my bulletproof narrative kink.

Things I'm not fond of:
Stories in which suicide plays a prominent role are very difficult for me to read, and at this point I don't want to read nominated-character death, please.

Requested Characters: Any (Andrew Foyle, Christopher Foyle, Paul Milner, Samantha Stewart)

I love all these characters so much - stoic yet snarky Foyle (and his epic facial expressions), incorrigibly-optimistic (and hungry) (and curious) Sam, dogged hard-done-by Milner, and emo (but I think good at heart) Andrew. I particularly love Sam's penchant for jumping in whenever she sees something that needs doing, whether it's bandaging the wounded in the aftermath of a bombing or helping overworked land girls. I also very much enjoy Foyle On A Righteous Solo Crusade (as in "The Funk Hole" when he sneaks out from under virtual house arrest to clear himself of the charge of sedition, or in "The Cage" when he undertakes a rogue operation with Sam and a few irregulars.) The Foyles pere et fils are completely adorable together, especially when they're teasing each other - I very much feel the lack of Andrew in the postwar episodes.

I really enjoy the work-family of Foyle, Sam, and Milner, so my first affection is for the wartime period of canon, though the idea of a postwar reunion is also pleasing. In the FW fic that's already on AO3 and FFN, there's a preponderance of Christopher Foyle/Sam romance, so I'd be excited to see other romantic relationships (either same-sex or opposite-sex pairings of nominated characters with non-nominated characters welcome)or friendship fic (for any or all of the nominated characters.)

Specific Prompts (a lot of them, because I love ALL THE CHARACTERS):
- Transplant some buddy cop tropes to the 1940s and let's see what happens when Foyle and Milner are stuck on a stakeout, or undercover together.
- In “The German Woman,” Milner says to Foyle “You asked me to work with you once… I said no.” What happened there?
- In "Fifty Ships," Foyle says "Losing [Rosalind] changed nothing.  Marrying her changed everything."  What are some things that changed, and how?
- Sam thought she was going to be a nun. What kind, and why?
- Was Andrew really in the dark about how Rex Talbot felt about him? 
- Sam/Andrew fix-it fic. What would need to change for things to work out for them.  (I wrote this myself but I'd love to see another take on it!)
- Why doesn't Milner smoke?
- For hardcore history lovers... there never was an episode dealing with D-Day. Write that episode… or the good bits version.

ADAM DALGLIESH  (novels by P.D. James)
Requested Characters: Adam Dalgliesh

I'm fascinated by Dalgliesh the poet and policeman, and his combination of great reserve and great sensitivity. My absolute favorite novel of the series is Unnatural Causes, for the examination of his uncertainty about his romantic relationship, his warm yet understated relationship with his aunt, and the only glimpse we ever get of his poetry.  

I also love Kate Miskin's character arc as a contrast to his; how her position as a successful woman detective puts particular demands on her to be or appear sensitive or approachable while also maintaining the necessary reserve, and how that contrasts with Dalgliesh.

Character exploration or backstory, or not-necessarily-romantic relationship examination, is what I'm most interested in.

Specific Prompts:
- Dalgliesh the vicar's son - we know he likes church architecture, but what about liturgy and music?
- I'm curious about his brush with mortality that precedes The Black Tower and would love a story exploring that.
- How does Dalgliesh realize that Miskin has feelings for him, and what is his response?

Requested Characters: David Mitchell

I love watching smart people being passionate about anything, but especially very minor things. With running gags, and cultural references I have to note to ask British friends to explain to me. My favorite sorts of moments include David Mitchell ranting, and anyone telling stories about their past with any other character.

I love backstage stories of any kind, so any details about life in the dressing room/green room/writer's room, or performance disasters, would be great.

Specific Prompts:
- David Mitchell is pining after Victoria Coren; someone else from the QI cast has advice. Or scotch.
- John Oliver has never been on QI. This is wrong and unfair and should be rectified. Because he and David Mitchell need to banter together. They were at Cambridge together!

Requested Characters: John Oliver, Andy Zaltzman, Jessica Williams

What I love best on The Daily Show and The Bugle and Last Week Tonight is the combination of intelligent grasp of issues and incredibly juvenile dick/fart/sex jokes. It's like Shakespeare. Or just Smart People Riffing On Stuff (like on QI except with current events rather than The Whole Of Human Knowledge.)

I love backstage stories of any kind, so any details about life in the dressing room/green room/writer's room, or performance disasters, would be great.

Specific Prompts:
- John Oliver/Andy Zaltzman. With puns. Possibly addressing the challenges of John's recent fame.
- Jessica Williams and John Oliver friendship.
- Jessica's a new correspondent; John shows her the ropes.

Thank you so much, and happy writing!
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