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( Oct. 16th, 2014 11:46 am)
Hello, Yuletider! This is my first time at this rodeo and I am very excited both to write and to see what others write.

My name on AO3 is also Kivrin.

I will be so very happy to see fic in any of the fandoms I've requested. I've babbled a good deal here about what I love about each, and listed some prompts, but please don't feel limited by those if there's something else in the fandom that you're drawn to write.  You'll see there are a disproportionate number of prompts for Foyle's War - that's because I requested Any character there and so wanted to be sure to have prompts for characters individually as well as in combination, not because the other canons are of less interest to me!

What I like best: I love stories that fit into the interstices of canon - aftermaths of canon events, elaborations of references to past events, backstories, explorations of what-was-happening-back-at-the-ranch-while-[insert other action], and things like that. I love found families and deep friendships, so in romantic stories I particularly like it when the romantic partners' other relationships (friendly or familial) also play a role. Hurt/comfort, particularly with both physical and emotional elements, and with stoic or older characters needing to accept aid from others, is my bulletproof narrative kink.

Things I'm not fond of:
Stories in which suicide plays a prominent role are very difficult for me to read, and at this point I don't want to read nominated-character death, please.

Requested Characters: Any (Andrew Foyle, Christopher Foyle, Paul Milner, Samantha Stewart)

what I love about it )

Foyle's War Prompts )

ADAM DALGLIESH  (novels by P.D. James)
Requested Characters: Adam Dalgliesh

what I love about it )

Adam Dalgliesh prompts )

Requested Characters: David Mitchell

what I love about it )

QI RPF prompts )

Requested Characters: John Oliver, Andy Zaltzman, Jessica Williams

what I love about it )

Fake News RPF prompts )

Thank you so much, and happy writing!


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