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( Dec. 31st, 2014 07:27 pm)
I wrote three stories for my first Yuletide.

The first, my assignment, was for The Bletchley Circle:

Clerical Work
They said, afterwards, that they’d done clerical work at Bletchley. They said that they were friends. Both were a little bit true.

Or, as my lovely recipient put it, "Susan being thoughtful, Millie being grumpy and smug and just very Millie in general, Lucy being so very darling and Jean as a matchmaking matriarch who knows and sees all. Period detail, gorgeous writing and a liaison in a storage cupboard."

(I'm particularly please with Jean as a matchmaking matriarch, myself.)

and two pieces for Foyle's War (because I am nothing if not predictable):

The Faithful
March, 1932. A meal at Carlo's restaurant brings encouragement to a grieving Detective Inspector Christopher Foyle.

A Good Work
“Crime is horrible,” Sam said, after a moment, “but isn’t it better that there should be good people working to stop it? And doesn’t that… matter, as much as making munitions or nursing casualties?"
[A missing scene from "Eagle Day" (series 1, episode 4)]


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