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Hello, Yuletider!

My name on AO3 is also Kivrin.

I will be so very happy to see fic in any of the fandoms I've requested. I've babbled a bit about what I love about each, and listed some prompts, but please don't feel limited by those if there's something else in the fandom that you're drawn to write.

What I like best: I love stories that fit into the interstices of canon - aftermaths of canon events, elaborations of references to past events, backstories, explorations of what-was-happening-back-at-the-ranch-while-[insert other action], and things like that. I love found families and deep friendships, so in romantic stories I particularly like it when the romantic partners' other relationships (friendly or familial) also play a role. Hurt/comfort, particularly with both physical and emotional elements, and with stoic or older characters needing to accept aid from others, is my bulletproof narrative kink.

Things I'm not fond of: Stories in which suicide plays a prominent role are very difficult for me to read, and at this point I don't want to read nominated-character death, please.

ADAM DALGLIESH (novels by P.D. James)
Requested Character: Adam Dalgliesh

I'm fascinated by Dalgliesh the poet and policeman, and his combination of great reserve and great sensitivity. My absolute favorite novel of the series is Unnatural Causes, for the examination of his uncertainty about his romantic relationship, his warm yet understated relationship with his aunt, and the only glimpse we ever get of his poetry.

Character exploration or backstory, or not-necessarily-romantic relationship examination, is what I'm most interested in, though casefic would be amazing!

Specific Prompts:
- How does being a vicar's son influence his adult tastes and personality? We know he likes church architecture, but what about liturgy and music?
- I'm curious about his brush with mortality just before the novel The Black Tower, and would love a story exploring that.
- How did he decide to become a police detective? What was he like as a green young constable? (In other words, show the Endeavour to the novels' Inspector Morse.)

Requested Characters: Christopher Foyle, Paul Milner

I love this canon's mix of well-deployed period detail and complex characters. Lately I've been intrigued by the professional and personal bond between Foyle and Milner, as shown in the episode "The Funk Hole" (series 2 episode 4) when Foyle's been suspended on a charge of sedition and Milner risks his own good standing to bring him information about the ongoing investigation. My very favorite scene, though, is probably at the end of "The White Feather," when Foyle tells Milner "I can't do this bloody godforsaken job on my own... what I want, starting now, is for you to be with me one hundred percent."

I'd be glad to see their relationship explored as either a friendship or a romance, though in a romance I feel Foyle would probably be very scrupulous in personal interactions about the power differential between them due to his higher rank in the police, and being Milner's boss.

Specific Prompts:
- Backstory for the pair of them. Milner says in the first episode, "you asked me to work for you once... I said no." What happened there? What was their previous experience of each other?
- Casefic where an injury or illness has Foyle confined to bed and he has to play the armchair detective while Milner does the hands-on observation and interviewing.
- Milner's final two appearances disappointed me; his attitude seemed out of character. I'd love to see a warmer post-war interaction between the two of them, whether on a case or strictly socially.

Requested Character: Liza Winter

I've really enjoyed the first series of this show exploring the challenges of life at Los Alamos, and particularly the situation of the scientists' families. Liza Winter, who gave up her own scientific career to follow her husband to New Mexico, is my favorite. She's in a particularly challenging position in that her interests and temperament align her with the scientists working on the project, but security concerns limit her ability to connect with them, even - especially - her husband.

I'm very curious about her life before Los Alamos, but her view of life on the Hill is interesting to me as well.

Specific Prompts:
- How did she and Frank come to get married? How do they talk about their respective intellectual passions when the U.S. Army isn't always figuratively in the middle of the conversation?
- What was her experience of WWI and how does it affect her view of the current war?
- Canon shows us very little interaction between Liza and her daughter Callie; what is that relationship like? What are Liza's hopes and fears for her daughter?

Thank you so much, and happy writing!


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