Oh right, clothes and Julian "I Did A Masterclass In Eyebrows With Michael Kitchen" Ovenden.

So this episode was quite satisfying on those counts, featuring, as it did, a fashion show and some smirky Charles Blake.

...seriously, the Met has kept a plainclothes 'tec watching Gillingham's house because some chick thought, months after the fact, she heard someone say something before a dude fell under an omnibus? Or, even more unlikely, has kept one there ever since Green died?? In another universe Charles Parker is laughing like a drain.

Oh, Evil Thomas, knock it off with the de-gaying serum. We're not in series one anymore, when I could be confident that Bates' leg wasn't going to fall off from his mail-order de-limping device. This is now a show where stupidly terrible stuff happens to people at the drop of a hat. (Cough. Anna. Cough.)

It's perplexing to me how I find Hugh Bonneville more and more charming while Robert Crawley becomes more and more of a dick. I like Cora and Mr. Bricker, though I liked it best when she was saying, gently and finally, "this has been delightful but we can't do it again." I like it less when she's pursuing it because of Robert being a dick about it.

It startled me to hear that Edith is still writing a column, though it's good she's got something on her plate other than moping.
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