Foyle's War, series 8/9

So, Horowitz promised a "gentle romance" for our Mr. Foyle, and delivered with a physically-Barbara-Hicks-esque professor at University College London who was a colleague of the victim in episode 1, has case-relevant expertise (and access to a guest room) but also turns out to be spying on him at the orders of Miss Pierce in episode 2, and turns out to be heavily implicated in a really ugly wartime cover-up in episode 3.

I liked her quite a bit; I liked her with him quite a bit. Even after the spying-on-him revelation I was thinking SHE'S AN ACADEMIC MAYBE SHE WENT TO SHREWSBURY COLLEGE AND AND AND. But episode 3 really blew it all out of the water. On Tumblr and elsewhere there's been a thread of "I bet he can forgive her for spying on him," but I think that really misses the point that spying on him is the very least of her crimes.

She faked an investigation. Cold-bloodedly, obediently, without question. She used the tools of his vocation for deception, and not even in pursuit of a high goal (THE WAR ), but a craven one (THE SOE LOOKING GOOD). I imagine that revolts him much as Peters framing Milner did. And she passes the buck on it - “that’s how it was in the SOE” and “this is the world we inhabit” to which I can only imagine him saying “that cut no ice with me in 1940 with the Germans at our heels and it cuts no ice with me in 1947 with the Bomb at our throats.”

The worst part, though, is that she says “this is the world we inhabit” as if she expects it’s going to sway him. She doesn’t know him at all if she thinks that would be reassuring to him, and he is finding that he didn’t know her at all.

She isn’t who he thought she was. And he’s sorry about that. And he’s sorry that she’s sad. But he cannot respect her if she has no respect for the principles of justice. And he cannot be with someone he doesn’t respect.
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