In which Anthony Horowitz suddenly remembered how to tie A, B and C plots together.

I love it when Foyle resigns. It's his Obi-Wan-Kenobi-dissolving-in-his-robes move - "oh you think you can hurt me? *POOF.*"

I appreciated Boring Adam not going all protective at Sam when she wanted to come along with him to try to stop the riot, and the scenes in their kitchen.

We finally got a name check for Andrew! And apparently he's being the proverbial "something in the City" which I think usually means finance? Which, I prefer the GilShalos1 idea of him being in advertising (that being, I have to say, the level of his poetic attainment, cocky little puppy that he is), but I'm just so freaking glad to get SOMETHING.

I actually had to stop the playback to flail about Dr. Addis in her academic gown. HNNNNNGH. The pinstripe skirt suit was nice but seemed a bit poorly tailored, which was odd.

Foyle COMPLETELY knows Sam is expecting. That whole "stay in the car" conversation...? Yeah, he knows.

Oh and there's a well-paced well-integrated plot about the resurgence of British fascism, and anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant feeling, and the British government's policies and motivations for them in the Middle East.


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