What it actually says: seeking volunteers for a research study, blahblah qualifications, time/travel reimbursement available.

What I read: TIMETRAVEL reimbursement available.


- A lifetime of reading (mostly) amateur-sleuth mysteries is poor preparation for a police-procedural fandom, especially a very small one where there aren't fannish resources. I need a 20th-century law-enforcement equivalent of What Charles Dickens Ate and Jane Austen Knew.

- There appears to be no P.D. James fic in the world. Not even from Yuletide. Not even based on the dramatizations. I sort of expected there to be a small but devoted circle of Adam Dalgliesh/Cordelia Gray shippers writing multi-part curtainfic.

- Department of meta jokes: This bit of Acorn Media's "hey look at all the videos we'll sell you" montage, in which Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison says "Don't call me ma'am, I'm not the bloody queen" and there's a cut to Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle saying "Well, unfortunately, the evidence suggests otherwise."

- Apropos of the above, should The Doctor turn up, B&R and I are going to see tiny!baby!Helen Mirren in the 1965 National Youth Theater Antony and Cleopatra, with tiny!baby!Michael Kitchen in a small role. (And then we'll go see Antony Sher's Richard III and Patrick Stewart's Othello and the original cast of My Fair Lady and Liam Neeson and Laura Linney in The Crucible and...)

- Department of Foyle's War spoilers, Series 7/8 (depending on numbering) Ep 1: The Eternity Ring: I totally called the use of the thermos to smuggle something radioactive but I did NOT expect Foyle and Sam to get irradiated. Adam II is no more exciting than his predecessor but he's a little bit more there than Adam I so that's something. How on earth did Foyle find out about Valentine getting beaten up? It's not like they had police scanners that he could be listening in on! (I do know that much about police procedural stuff!) . Short version: still not planning to take anything after V-E Day as canon.

- I would really like to see the other scripts Anthony Horowitz apparently wrote for 1943 and 1944 but had to throw out due to ITV being all "hmph, only one more series for you."

- Connected only by WWII, Strange Glory by Charles Marsh is a very good life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It's... well, it's pretty grim, because Nazis, and there's a good deal of fairly serious theology covered, but it's readable and informative and I'm glad I'm reading it as my first Bonhoeffer bio and not the Eric Metaxes one.
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I was so thrown by Adam being played by a different actor. I suppose it's not surprising given the gap in shooting, since actors do get other jobs - nothing to do with the character being boring and the fans spending all their time saying "What happened to Andrew?"

Enjoyed parts of the post-VEDay eps - I'm very fond of early Cold War stuff - but the continuity is weird. Though perhaps not so much in terms of the whole series and the big time gaps therein. More scripts? Damn.
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From: [personal profile] hedda62

Miss Pierce is awesomely ruthless, and she and Foyle play off each other beautifully.


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