I started writing a dvd commentary for my own pleasure, but with a wordcount over 20K that gets both unwieldy and repetitive. Instead, here for my own reference are some scattered thoughts on Burn Brighter Through the Cold.

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Random small moments that made me really happy on the last reread:
- Foyle saying "Worryguts, both of you."
- Milner side-eying Sam when she says she could kiss him.
- Foyle apologizing to Sam as she and Andrew are trying to bring his fever down, and her answering "It couldn't matter less" just as he did when she apologized for not turning up at work after being bombed out in "Fifty Ships." (Attentive fans may note that there are a metric ton of callbacks to "Fifty Ships" in this story. That is because "Fifty Ships" is excellent.)
- Andrew offering to deface hymnbooks for Sam. "It might take a while."
- Sam asking Andrew if he wants to kiss her.


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